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We can not and do not put charges on your phone bill, nor do we ask for a credit card number or any other form of payment.

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Horner Williams is committed to training and motivating a new generation of business owners and entrepreneurs to embrace modern business management concepts. Technology has forever changed the way customers and employees interact with businesses. The need to learn and practice new small business management concepts is a vital step toward success.

Live seminar training includes:
Entrepreneurial Training
Small Business Toolkit
 The Value of Real Estate
Accounting & Bookkeeping
Understanding & Improving Your Credit
Non-Profit Administration

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Horner Williams, MBA
Managing Partner

After beginning his accounting career as a Fiscal Officer of a non-profit, he served as the CFO/Controller of a $70 million business for 10 years. Since 2009, Horner Williams has worked in greater New York city, partnering with like minded accountants and finance professionals to offer small business accounting, real estate management, small business consulting, and investor relations services.

Rutgers University - Graduate School of Management (MBA) degree
Tufts University - Bachelor of Arts degree

He served on the board of a local YMCA for six years, an affordable housing board, a hospital board as well as the Executive Board and Audit Committee chair for two local chapters of national non-profits since 1999.

His proudest personal accomplishment is a faithful marriage of over 21 years and three children. Active with Tufts University Alumni Admissions Program volunteers and
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. since 2004; an avid outdoorsman, he is an All American Master's runner (20k), expert skier, ultra-distance cyclist and sailor.